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Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post
Hi Craig,

I now use another camera, a 'cheapie' from aliexpress. It is more sensitive than the GSTAR, but because it is not a dedicated astro video camera, it is a more involved to do what we want. It also has more TV lines than the GSTAR, and shows a wider true field of view. This camera can be ordered either with or without a built in UV/IR filter. Using the camera under light polluted skies, you really do need a UV/IR filter, which can be a 1.25" one put into the 1.25" adapter. Like the GSTAR, it has the camera controls on the back of the unit. It is much less expensive than the GSTAR, but it IS more tricky to use to achieve the astro results we want. You will need to purchase a separate c-mount to 1.25" adapter, coax-video cables and power source (12V). All up it is comes in at about half the cost of the GSTAR.
Could you supply some details of the camera you bought on aliexpress
Regards philip
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