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I checked on some video astronomy forums and found some good info. A USA store is selling a package that fits the bill.

Orange County Telescopes (USA) is selling a complete package for live viewing including small 7" flat monitor - the Revolution Imager. They have modified an existing video camera and packaged it with monitor, battery, cables & carry case. Aimed at beginners to video astronomy or those who are not sure how to put such a kit together.

Ken(BallaratDragons) was sent the Revolution Imager and has made a youtube video review of the it.

This similar to your idea, Julian: Camera + tablet. I want to not have a lot of cables. Equipment size is also imortant, small is good. The tablet or monitor can probably be mounted on the scope somehow.

The Revolution kit seems to fit what I want except the monitor could be higher resolution - although some screen shots look good of dso's. However for the price shipped to Oz I could maybe get better imaging quality buying piecemeal. Will have to research what I need.
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