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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
My 5D Mark II hasn't skipped a beat as far as focusing goes. I do weddings. That should say something.

Respectfully H, the AF on the 5D series cameras is inferior to Canon's other consumer offerings (let alone the 1 series units). I'm being critical of Canon, because, despite 3 and a half years between the original 5D and the 5D Mark II, Canon couldn't deliver better AF. For most non serious action, it'll be fine. I still have horror memories of my aging D60 (not the Nikon) - horrid AF. So bad that my 20 year + EOS 630 film camera had better AF imho.

Maybe I notice AF a bit more since I'm used to a 1 series body (been using one since 1999).


edit: this is what says about the AF:

AI Servo (continuous AF) not as good as EOS-1 series or Nikon D700
taken from:
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