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Fly Tying Materials, Tools & Vice

I have a veritable bucket load of Fly tying materials & tools that I would like to sell off as I have moved on to other obsessive & expensive hobbies....

To be honest, I would much prefer to sell the lot as a bundle... I would say that including the Renzetti Traveller vice which currently retails at around $500, some high quality capes & the sheer quantity of other feathers, hair, dubbing materials, threads & synthetics & tools on offer here (let alone stuff I can't even identify), if you were to purchase them new you would probably spend well over a $1500, possibly a considerable amount more.. I haven't exactly worked it out.

No idea on how much postage will cost but, I will do my best to package the entire lot up as small as possible to keep postage costs to a minimum.

So, at this stage I am open to sensible offers for the entire collection, probably in the vicinity of $800, I would suggest that to someone who knows what they are looking at, this is a bargain...

List of materials & tools as follows:

Jungle Cock
Whiting Silver Grade Ό Saddle – Furnace
Whiting Grade 3 ½ Saddle – Medium Ginger
Whiting Bronze Grade ½ Saddle – Black
Whiting Bronze Grade American Rooster Saddle – White
Whiting Streamer Pack – White dyed Pink
Whitings Pro Grade Rooster Saddle – Grizzly
Metz Grade 2 Hen Neck – Brown
Spencer Choice Cock Saddle - Grizzly
Todd Indian 1st Grade Cock Cape – Badger
Generic Cape – Furnace
Generic Cape – Black
Partridge Patch

Goose Quills – White
Duck Quills – Red
Turkey Quills – Mottled Brown/White
Turkey Quills – Dyed Imitation Natural
Ring neck Pheasant Tails x 2
Golden Pheasant neck patch
Ostrich Herl – White
Ostrich Herl – Black
Ostrich Herl – Natural
Emu Herl
Peacock Herl
Mallard Quills – Bronze
Maribou – half a dozen packets, variety of colours
Peacock Eyes
Miscellaneous Feather Quills – Lots of different colours
Crow Quills

Deer Hair Patches – variety of colours
Elk Body Hair
Hares Mask
Squirrel Tail – Black
Squirrel Tails – Dyed, variety of colours
Calf Tail – White
Mink Hair – Variety of colours
Small Buck tails – Variety of colours
Large Buck tail – Chartreuse
Large Buck Tail, Prime Northern – White
Zonker Strips – Hot Pink, Black & Natural

Dubbing Materials
Box of Awesome Possum – 12 Natural Nymph Colours
Antron Dubbing – Claret
Seals Fur – Golden

Crystal Flash – Variety of colours
Polar Flash – Pearl
Synthetic Hair – Variety of colours
Supreme Hair – White, Pink
Mylar strands – Pearl, Gold/Black, Silver/Rainbow
Polar Fleece – White, Blue
Variety of other synthetic materials of unknown types

Threads, Flosses, Wire & Mylar
10 or so spools of tying thread – variety of colours
12 spools of floss – variety of colours
14 Spools of mylar – variety of colours
Variety of spools of copper & lead wire – various gauges

19 x wound cards of chenille – variety of colours

Beads, Bead Chain, Dumbell Eyes, Stick on Eyes, etc..
Variety of sizes of silver, brass, red plastic & tungsten beads
Variety of sizes of Dumbell Eyes
Variety of sizes of bead chain
Variety of styles & size stick on eyes
Couple of popper heads, small

Renzetti Traveller Vice with original table clamp as well as Griffin solid base
3x Thread Bobbins
2 x Whipping tools
3 x bodkins
Hackle pliers
Dubbing spinner
Custom made (by me – nothing that special) tool & thread holder

Several containers of both fresh water & saltwater hooks in a variety of sizes

Plus, a variety of other materials such as raffier & other things I cannot even begin to identify…

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