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Originally Posted by SteveG View Post
I had a chance to view the supernova in NGC 1404 last night from northern California (dec +38.7). I'd guesstimate the brightness at mag 12.0, though I didn't a chart that showed reference magnitudes. The supernova was approximately the same brightness as a star that's situated just off the southeast edge of the halo. In any case, it's quite a sight, so close to the core of the galaxy and looks like a "double" with the core at lower power (I used 285x for the best view).

I took the opportunity to go through the Fornax cluster again, taking notes on about 20 galaxies!

Has anyone else observed it in the last few days?

I saw it on the 15th and it was very distinct in spite of very poor transparency. I made a sketch at 250X. Your description is very accurate.
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