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Supernova in Fornax

PSN J03385135-3535320,
The latest Supernova discovered by Stu Parker doesn't have a proper name just yet so it's title is as above.
I observed the Supernova in NGC 1404 in First quarter moonlight and I had to use high mag as the seeing was poor with high thin cloud and bright sky.
I then waited till after the Moon went down and was able to observe it quite easily,

the lowest power eyepiece it was observed in is a 17mm type4 nagler
at 100xmag but just looks like an exstension of the galaxy.

Observed in eyepieces 13mm 140x mag 9mm Nagler 200x mag and 6mm radian 300xmag, plus various combinations of barlow and eyepieces .

Ngc 1404 is quite bright at 10.87 and is in the field with another bright galaxy mag 9.85 NGC 1399 which are all part of the Fornax cluster.

It is one of the brightest Supernova in the Southern Hemisphere for a long time and should be able to be observed in telescope from 8" upwards .

It will be interesting to see how bright this SN gets? my guess is about 11.7mag.

To see images of the Supernova which will help you to observe it see Here
Reports would be appreciated

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