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NGC6744 Galaxy in Pavo

A series of firsts here. After a couple of test runs using camera lenses with my recently modded 1000D (stock Canon filter replaced with an Astrodon Inside UVIR blocking filter), this is the first imaging session using this camera with my main imaging scope - a truss modified VC200L with focal reducer.

Was also my first go using Sequence Generator Pro for image acquisition, just using the trial version at present. Was a bit anxious relying on an auto focus HFR routine rather than manually checking focus throughout with a Bahtinov mask. The plate solving and "centre here" feature is super duper though, and despite a few teething issues still to test out (like an automated meridian flip) i reckon this program (SGPro) is a keeper.

A prior "experiment" during the week indicated that subs at around 4mins at ISO1600 would give the maximum SNR ratio, so that is what I went with. This is 102 x 4min calibrated subs at ISO1600 imaged over two nights. Processed in PixInsight.

Hires version here:

As always, comments and feedback most welcome.

[Edit: the attached chart shows the SNR of the 1000D at different ISO and exposure times, all relative to the SNR of my 400D at ISO800 5mins 20 C. I first did this experiment with the 400D at those conditions (see here), hence that is my baseline for comparison of alternative exposure conditions]
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