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That is why SBIG advises not to use 1.25" Filters and why they have gone to 36mm eliminate vignetting at an economical price. An alternate option to going up to 2" Filters which is what I elected to do.
A good option, and smart thinking, as it allows for the next upgrade. In the qsi's defence they did design the filter wheel to be very close to the sensor as possible (as opposed to sbig's shortcut of using the st402 type chassis and tack on a filter wheel), cools pretty quickly, is very quiet, smaller than it looks in the ad, and light and as mentioned earlier it is very clean and noise free.

I think jase's comment about saving for the 11002 chip is the best option, from what I have seen, I think that the 8300 chip is suitable for widefield but pretty average for longer focal lengths. (Sbig's stl11k is priced pretty attractively atm imho)


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