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Simply because the QSI unit is all in 1 and the filters are so colse to the sensor that they dont vignete . If you want there is 31mm option for same cost.
Is interesting looking at all these different variations of the same thing. I wonder why QSI had internal 1.25" filter wheel but SBIG says you need bigger than 1.25" ? Is that just because the SBIG filters are further from the chip? Or does the QSI have some vignetting?
I shot some images on a qsi583 with the 1.25 filters last week with a tak fsq106 at prime. It DOES vignette. I suppose it could be flated out, but I was playing around and didnt get too serious about calibrations.

It may not on slower scopes with a shallower light cone, I didnt test it though.

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