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Originally Posted by renormalised View Post
Greg...a couple of questions. How much does the ML8300 cost and how does it stack up to the Proline version.
Not sure of the current cost of the FLI ML8300 - I think its around US$3995 and there are a few filter wheels but the one I am using I think is around US$895.

The Proline I have is the 16803. It requires 50mm square filters. I have both Baader and Astronomik. They are both good.

Proline is quite a large and heavy camera and I don't see any real advantage here for the 8300. The Proline has heavier cooling power
has a built in USB and power hub and I think a larger aperture.
It is more for the larger chips.

As Jase mentioned the 11002 chip is cheaper nowadays and probably the better imaging chip as an all rounder as 95% of all top images on the net today are using the 11002 chip. It allows you an upgrade path of your scopes without needing to upgrade the chip.

The 8300 chip is very good but its main weakness is small well capacity of 25,000 electrons or less. 16803 is more like 100,000 or more.
What that means is that bright stars can spill over more easily than with some of the other chips. On the other hand it has QE of about 60% compared to the 11002 QE (sensitivity) of around 45-50%.

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