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Looking for Image Processing Tutorials for students


I'm involved with a school observatory in SE Qld.

To get the students interested in astronomy, we have a OSC CCD camera to take pretty pictures of deep sky objects.

I have developed some basic image processing tutorials that guide them through image stacking in Deep Sky Stacker and then a five step process in Photoshop for Stretching, Curves, Shadows/Highlights, Sharpening and Saturation. Not likely to produce any Malin awards, but they give a reasonable result and are something that absolute novices aged 12-16yrs can follow.

Obviously, we hope that some students will be keen to try something more and we'd like to point them towards some video tutorials with more advanced Photoshop based image processing? The school has an educational licence for Photoshop and I'm not keen to burden them with the cost or quirky interface of PixInsight.

Can anyone suggest some tutorials from the web that may be suitable?


David Trappett
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