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Hi Jen,

No issue with the handbox to mount cable (curly one).
You lent me the USB serial cable and the connection for that to the handbox is just wee too big. This is the cable I ordered from the UK....which fits, but doesn't work!
Anyway, I had a great triage session with the guy in the UK. Learnt a lot including using PuTTY to test USBs! Turns out the cable may have been damaged in transit so he sending another.

I must return what you lent me Jen!! I am slowly replacing parts. Got a Meade Finderscope and diagonal.Looking for good general EPs.
Powering through an inverter for now

I need to return your cable, diagonal and EP! Really appreciate you lending these.

Originally Posted by jenchris View Post
I actually used the handbox on the lx90 that was here at my place.
With the cable that I lent you.
I'm not sure what is happening here.
There's only one place to put that black curly cable and that is from handbox to mount.
Did I lend you another (grey I think ) cable that goes from hbx to usb ?
That's the updating cable.
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