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Originally Posted by langman78 View Post
Thank you for the info guys.
Are there 2 versions of this lens?
The link Kev just sent me from infinity is a AS version and looks a little different? Same specs as far as I can tell but they are a different color also. The AS version being a gold bronze color and the other (non AS) being red. Any idea on the difference guys?
Good pick-up Ben.

I also have this lens in a Nikon mount (with a 'Gold' ring) and it is chipped, allowing aperture to be set by the camera. When I bought my lens only the Nikon mount was chipped.

If you look here.. you will see that the Canon version is now chipped, and it would seem that the 'Red' ring indicates that latest version, although some sellers don't mention this in their descriptions.

That E-infinity link I gave you appears to be the non-chipped version so I guess the best thing to do would be to clarify with any seller just which version they are offering.

For astro use you will mostly be using f2.8 and occasionally f4, so I guess it's up to you to decide if the auto aperture control function is worth the extra $'s.
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