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Mike's point is valid - noone is posting images with the Veloce RH200 yet. It may have its own pecularities. I know bandpass rating varies with F ratio. There is an article about that on Astrodon site I believe.

Its also true there are probably similar numbers of fans for Baader, Astrodon and Astronomik as long as they have the antireflection coatings. But it is also true my Baaders are not parfocal as claimed, they are not equal exposure as claimed whereas my Astrodons are.

There is a lot of lying about performance in this game by sellers. Hence the vital need to get info from those who have used them with no financial connection.

Don Goldman has posted images using an N11 filter. Have a look through his image gallery and you'll see some.

3nm narrowband set sounds awesome with an F3 scope and a sensitive Proline 16803.

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