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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
I don't really know here but I remember a thread on another group where the increase in megapixels before it was noticeable in an image had to be substantial like almost double before it was apparent.

17 megapixels from the 16803 is basically very fine. There is a 16000 chip that is the same size as the 11002 but smaller pixels. It doesn't seem to have taken off and become that popular (it has lower QE).
But the argument for it would be finer resolution. Images I have seen from then do seem a bit finer and it is noticeable. But at the cost of lower QE?

As far as 50mp goes, the chip is bigger than the 16803 but not massively so, its not double. I think it would need 65mm filters as well and you can get a filter wheel from FLI for 65mm filters. Not sure who sells 65mm filters though.

From a more practical point of view you would almost need a super computer to process the images though. Its slow enough processing 16803 images when a 1x1 image is 32mb each.

I need an I7 chipped computer!

What's Harvey Normans number?? hehehe

Why buy an i7 when you can knock up a beowulf cluster with a few cheapies and a linux distro
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