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Originally Posted by ChrisM View Post
Jason, my gut feel is that a pier 2 metres tall at 140 dia is a bit slender unless it is gusseted. I would use tapered gussets on the lower 2/3 of the pier. To keep the weight off the top half, I would avoid filling the pier with sand or concrete past the half-way mark, if at all. The 5 mm wall thickness should be okay. It's the pipe diameter that gives it most of its strength - not the wall thickness. Having too much mass up the pier lowers the vibration frequency, which is what you don't want.

Cheers, Chris
+1 on the tapered gussets to 2/3 height. Diameter is much more important than wall thickness.

A nice thick base plate, 16mm at least, with the gussets welded along the diagonals and a bolt or preferably 2 bolt in each corner of the plate either side of the gussets and as close as possible to the gusset.

I have seen many good piers spoiled by thin base plates with poorly located bolt holes...
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