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Thanks Wavytone for the advice, but I did make my move yesterday on the Mangin. One single "wet" with 302 1/2 emery brought the RC back to what it should be and then I finished it off with 2 wets each of 1200 and 1600 emery.
I'm about 3 hours into polishing now and the RC is holding nicely.
One of the problems with the first polishing was that we had a heat wave and the ambient temperature was about 28 degrees - way too high for Acculap Standard hardness. Now I'm polishing at 22 degrees and another heatwave is upon us. Must finish it today or wait for the cool change.
I am not going to worry about 15nm of residual astigmatism - it is completely insignificant and quite small considering the complexity of the instrument and the lack of collimation adjustments.
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