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Thanks all. One of those nights when you really feel that astronomy is a truly great hobby!

Originally Posted by pgc hunter View Post
With large, low sfc brightness galaxies (and nebulosity) like that, the key is dark skies, not aperture.
How true pgc, dark skies are everything. However, given dark skies, a bit of aperture doesn't hurt! It was good to have the 10" available to check observations. Some time ago we did a similar thing, checking a series of faint globular cluster observations in the 4.5" against a larger scope. Great fun!

Must admit I was a bit surprised how easy B'sG was to pick up. The other time I saw it I had to work for a considerable time to draw it out. It was a few years ago, so maybe I'm getting better at it, or maybe it imprints on your brain. Or maybe both. I suspect the skies were at least as good if not better last time.

Cheers -
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