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Originally Posted by [1ponders] View Post
For every 6 degrees rise in temperature the dark current approximately doubles, so 2 degrees is a significant increase. More important than ambient temperature is chip temperature, which can depend on how long the camera has been switched on, whether it has been actively capturing an image a reading it out (more reads / time = hotter chip) etc.
Yeah I see your point Paul, but being cooled I wont have that problem, so really to test them you need them all in the same room at same time - they take a few shots before the test dark. might be hard to achieve, but we could do the canon 400D, 350D, 300D, modded hutech 350D and my cooled beast, and a pentax K10D all at once. Maybe if I talk to Rocketboy might be able to add a 20Da and a 5D to that list. all that photonic energy - might be dangerous - might have to call photonbusters
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