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William Optics AFR-IV problem

Hi to you all.

I have a Williams Optics FLT 132 and a WO AFR-IV adjustable flattener reducer to which I have attached my QSI 683wsg. The focuser is a FeatherTouch FTF3545B.
So far so good......... however. Is there always a however with astrophotography? Never mind.
Nice scope, camera and focuser but I am not sure about the AFR-IV.

So, a question for anyone with the WO AFR-IV adjustable flattener reducer and an FLT 132.
Try as I might I still have coma at the edges of my QSI 683with the AFR-IV. I had a spacer (21mm approx) made by Precise Parts and focus is no problem. Stars in the centre are nice and round as one would expect. I get my best results (still have coma) when the AFR-IV is adjusted to the 66 mark and no more room to adjust. Should be at 72 or so according to WO.
Anyone out there had similar problems or indeed had success?

As a general question, what is the best way to attach the camera, reducer etc to the focuser? I am placing it into the focuser just like an eyepiece and tightening the two screws on the focuser at this time. It is very tight and doesn't flop around but is it all aligned etc.

Is there a better way?

Thanks in advance, Greg.
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