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Observing Report 17th May 2015

Observing Report 17/5/15

Session commenced at 10-30pm at Colac Vic
Conditions. Moderately cool night, seeing very good at times, transparency average.
Equipment used 20” dobsonian equipped with Argo Navis. All observations made with 17mm Ethos eyepiece yielding 150x and a 40’ wide TFOV.

NGC 6404 Open Cluster in Scorpius
6’x4’ long elpse of 40 to 50 faint stars elongated N-S. Has a mag 10 star on P edge and a fainter star on F edge. Pretty cluster with even density and no bright members apart from 2 stars mentioned.

NGC 6164-65 Emission nebulae in Norma
Nebs are part of complex on nebulosity surrounding a mag 5 star. Both objects lie 3’ to 4’ from star. NGC614 lies just to P on N from star with NGC6165 lying just F of S of the star. Both appear as faint arcs. NGC6165 is slightly larger and brighter. Hints of nebulosity close to star are seen. Objects are only visible with UHC filter.

NGC 6167 Open Cluster in Norma
Nice cluster within a fairly rich field. A mag 7 star dominate the other 40 members of this 7-10’ wide open cluster. An obvious “chair” shaped asterism is in the centre of the cluster. The lucida lies at the base of the back of the “chair” that runs E-W.

NGC 6152 Open Cluster in Norma
Large, loose open cluster about 325-30’ wide. Irregular scattering of star with many noticeable small clumps forming squares and triangles within the cluster. No bright stars, majority of members are mag 9-11.

NGC 6005 Open Cluster in Norma
Around 5’ wide cluster of faint stars. Has a pair of mag 11 stars 6’ away from centre of S edge. Grows obviously brighter towards centre. Most stars are mag 12 or fainter.

NGC 5999 Open Cluster in Norma
Obvious 3-4’ wide group of faint stars, most obvious feature is a 2’ wide void within centre of object.

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