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Height of the dome.

Hello All,

Tomorrow I will sign a contract on a new house, while it isn't in a dark sky area, it is a lot darker than where I am now.
To take advantage of this, I plan on building a permanent observatory, using a dome from Sirius or Astrodomes.

As it will be probably three meters from the ground to the base of the dome I will need to get it designed properly with an engineer's or architect's design. The question I am unable to answer is - "How high to put the floor in relation to the base of the dome?" Or to put it a different way, "Should the base of the dome be at my waist height, chest height or something else?" My instinct is to put the base of the dome at the same height as the mount, but I am new at this and don't want to make such a basic error.

Thanks for any help,

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