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I have a C14 Edge and the new x0.7 F.R. I am planning to do asteroid and exoplanet photometry.

Hi Eric,

You'd have to have very good seeing for either. Edge C14 even with a reducer is very long focal length. Both of those cameras have small pixels.

What this will mean is the stars will blur more with the seeing compared to a larger pixelled camera.

But then you may be more interested in lowest noise and highest QE.

Well depth is a less important aspect of cameras. Look at how popular the KAF8300 is and that has tiny well depth.

I use a CDK17 and I found imaging with an 8300 chipped camera with its 5.4 micron pixels to give inferior results to my 9 micon pixelled camera. It made for quite a drop in detail from the 8300 even though on paper the 2 had much the same QE. The 8300 images also looked slightly blurred.
But then that is for pretty pictures not measuring light dropoffs. For that I think you need the lowest noise which would be the Sony right?

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