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I've just come across this thread which I find interesting and useful.

I have a C14 Edge and the new x0.7 F.R. I am planning to do asteroid and exoplanet photometry.

I have the the choice of a new SXVR H694 (4.54 um) or a QSI 532 with the Kodak 3200ME chip (6.8 um) from a freind.

Finding it difficult to decide. I will be working at F7.7 (f=2723mm)

with 2x2 binning the 694 gives 0.69 arcsec per pix

whereas the 532 gives 1.03 arcsec per pixel.

Using a 2.3 - 3 x FWHM of seeing of the 532 is better 2.3 - 3 arcsec
c.f 1.6 - 2 arcsec but a little over sampling here would be ok.

The QE of both is good. The dark current of the 694 is very good. Though the full well capacity of the 532 is much greater

Would appreciate any views or comments on suitability or preference that members might have.

With Thanks, Eric
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