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Originally Posted by Nortilus View Post
also consider the camera that these chips are in and what are the differences in them also, ie - cost, cooling, ease of use and so forth...
Yes this is a good point. The Sony chipped SX camera i mentioned has some terrible looking cooling, only able to do -30 from ambient (single stage) which means, up here in summer it will be lucky to get to 0 on hot night. This pretty much makes the camera a dud for me.
Had a good read of the yahoo group for SX. The dark frame was pretty good considering, so this chip is back on my list of possibilities.

The question becomes,
$3475 for the H694 vs $3433 for the H18 (with filter wheel and OAG).

I really do like that Sony chip, but for slightly less i can get an OAG and filter wheel on the 8300 (with +2MP)...

Tough choice (not considering other options, and i don't really want to spend $5000 on my first CCD).

H18 + FW + OAG = 59.5mm
A bit larger than the 55mm required by the field flattener. Is this going to be an issue?

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