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Originally Posted by ballaratdragons View Post
Welcome Mik.

But just think, you get to cuddle and caress your new scope for a week. Most people miss out on that part coz they race out the first night and use it
hahah thanks...certainly seems big enough to hug. Time away from viewing stars is time spent viewing telescope accessories. This scope plus parts has put me on a budget of rice and water for the next few months and the enjoyment so far is researching and trying to buy parts with spare change.

For anyone looking for a good deal on my model telescope BTOW in WA currently have the best price i've seen... and i've been to many intl sites.
-i have no association with btow...

Also, just managed to find a cheap alternative to bobs knobs... EBAY

Thanks Suzy for the informative post. My to-do list.
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