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Did some initial scouting today on prices/info today on the canon300d ......seems for new the link offered by Paul {RR} i think...teds digital something .....offers pretty good prices. It seems as far as picture quality goes the canon gets good reviews , the standard lens is rated as a begainers one ...EF-s type...the Nikon d70 has more creative features plus maybe a more robust body although for astrononmy use the canon body is light but im worried about some issues with mirror slap without a locking feature . Ive come across some Canon 10ds selling for below 1500 and these have the added features that equal the D70 although its a question of going for new or used . To help i picked up a pretty good publication from the newsagency titled Which Camera , some good info on cameras and lenses and reviews and prices all with a Aus input .
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