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Nice Alex - and my gear is finally here too

Nice bit of kit Alex.

Here is my setup, ED80/QHY5 mono at the front, Tak FSQ106N/Orion Star Shoot Pro behind it, with a modded 20D piggy backed up top. Note the control box just in front of the ED80. With this I only need to run a USB cable and a 12 volt lead down to the battery pack to power dew heaters, control both cameras and the electric focuser on the FSQ. I power the mount seperately (17 amp hr battery pack not shown), also the mount is controlled via EQDIR so there is a USB lead for that too. At the end of the imaging session I crank the focussers in, unplug 3 USB leads and lift the scopes on the side by side plate straight in to the black box in the background.

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