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GSO Dob trunnion modification

Originally Posted by Davekyn View Post
Not sure if your still about there Gary...will email later anyways...just had a look at the mod on the asdx gso trunnions (the aluminium tension knobs?)

As mine is the 12" GSO ASDX Tube version and not the 16"...did you need me to send in the trunnions as well?

I just looked at the moddifications pictured in your atatchment and was wondering will this impede on mobility of the scope. Is there anything I have to do differently when moving the scope outside as normally I would simply unscreww the trunnions and move the base oustside first followed by the OTA in two quick succesive moves?

Basically can I still carry it out the some with care given to the modified trunnions.
Hi Dave,

All the new GSO Dobs have the same aluminium trunnions across the range
of apertures. So irrespective of aperture, you need to ship the trunnion for
installation of the Alt encoder coupling. We machine the coupling in order to
do this. I have attached 'before' and 'after' photographs of a trunnion

The previous generation GSO Dobs had tensioning springs rather than
the aluminium tensioning trunnions. We have a different kit for the
previous generation GSO Dobs.

Normally you will keep the Az encoder installation in place and there are
no special new requirements with regards transporting the scope once it
is installed.

For the Alt encoder, you always keep the trunnions screwed permanently to the
OTA whether using the scope or transporting it. Nothing different here compared to
normal usage. Our Alt encoder coupling has a socket head screw that you simply
unfasten and then the encoder and its associated tangent arm bracket become free.
You remove the encoder and its bracket when transporting the scope. However, the
coupler and the trunnion stay there and to remove the OTA from the rocker,
you simply un-tension the trunnion handles as normal and lift the OTA
out. With the Alt encoder coupler in place, it extends out by about 12mm (1/2")
so it has minimal impact on the overall width of the scope.

Only one trunnion is modified.

I find it easiest to move the base outside first and then the OTA in the
way you describe. Reverse the order when packing it up. Some people
improvise a hand trolley to move the entire scope in one go.

Best Regards

Gary Kopff
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Wildcard Innovations Pty. Ltd.
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