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Hi Dave,

Originally Posted by Davekyn View Post
Well mine is a 12" dob and I like the idea of having it mounted near the eyepice, as I like to feel at one with my scope as I move from one spot to the other...
Personally, I prefer to use it up near the eyepiece too. If the weight is an issue
it can be addressed with some counterweights.

Once again...thanks for being so specific with it all. I remember once hearing about this system a few years ago, but thought it was to everwhealming at the time to take it on borad...however with the suport of forums like these, and more time in the hobby now...I can't beleive I waited this long to try it.

Have a good weekend Gary!
Thanks Dave. After a while, the system becomes 'second nature'
and you can typically perform an alignment and then get up and going
finding stuff within a couple of minutes. The tough part is deciding
when to pack up for the might, because the system can just
keep delivering objects on demand limited only by the skies and
your own endurance.

We are here to support our customers both before and after sales.

Enjoy your afternoon!

Best Regards

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