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That would be are some more of my thoughts on the Argo Navis:
Price looks reasonable for an innovative idea (au$599.00)...bit of a surprise that there is no dedicated USB cable, as the purchase of the USB adapter + the serial cable (I guess this tech has been around for some time?) puts the price up a bit. ($75.00)... Anyone have thoughts on the length of the encoder cable??? Is 1.3m enough or is the 2.6m somehow more practical with a computer setup???
What about Mounting on a you think it would make sense to attach the cradle on the tube so you don’t have to bend down to look, making for a more ergonomic and practical set-up or perhaps attaching to the tube is a bit over the top?

Researching on the ability to use with planetarium software...any info on this would be fantastic...just keeps sounding better!
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