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Its only a column of dust

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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
Nice looking rig SAB.

I see your cat is like mine, if the camera is out then moggy has to make sure he's in the picture.

lol nah my cat just likes to crawl in at random times to sleep on my bed
he really favours me over the rest of the family

The scope is quite old (previous owner had it for several years - not sure how many though), a quick look at the mirror and the body gives it all away but I'm still flabbergasted that she picked up a mag 15.95 star from my backyard, and she has shown me my first PGC galaxies I know that a 12" is some serious equipment but I really didn't expect her to go so deep especially from my Berwick backyard

Bloody hell, I can't imagine what I'd witness through this thing under real dark skies!
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