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what exaclty are you connecting between the camera and the telescope?

you should have a t-adapter, plus the pentax converter(so that sits on the camera and hooks up to the t-adapter).

Also i found prime focus an abosulte pain! what i have done is hooked my t-adapter straight onto the back of the scope, and then the converter to t-adapter and then that to the SLR. You should then be able to look through your cameras view finder, and then focus the camera by using the scopes focusing nobs. you won't need to do prime focus using a lens, because the moon should pretty much fill most of your view anyhow. (i found this when using a 10" lx200, at the sydney observatory.)

i would use iso 100 film, and around a 1/180 of an exposure depending on what your lens F appeture is aswell.
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