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Hello All,

Recently discovered astronomy as my new hobby and I'm glad to have joined this forum (Forum helped me purchased my first telescope).

It all began when I was on holidays in Hawaii couple of months ago and I saw jupiter from a busker's telescope on Waikiki streets!

Since then, I have read couple of books: Turn Left at Orion, A Walk through the Southern Sky and Atlas Of The Southern Sky.

Had a chance to use my new 10" DOB first time last night, which ended up turning into an unexpected stargazing party with mates and neighbours rocking up.

We all had a laugh moving the awkward dob around and things got really competitive when we started to hunt for sirius, betelgeuse, aldebaran and rigel.

Dob theme for the night:
- Finder scope - Star located
- 30 mm eyepiece - Star located "oooo aaaahh"
- 9mm eyepiece inserted (skip the 15mm, let's be greedy and zoom in more!) - what! where did it go?
- 30 mm eyepiece re-inserted - found it again! "oooo nice"

Needless to say, everyone walked out with skysafari installed on their phones!

Thanks for reading my first post, hoping to learn and share with you all and perhaps even join a local astronomy club

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