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I'm quite thrilled at the moment after some successful observations last night.

Firstly, I pointed to Sirius star with 30mm eyepiece and was able to get the finder scope aligned with the eyepiece.

Next, pointed towards constellation of Orion as suggested by a few here and I was able to clearly see the 3 stars almost in a slant line and a set of 4 more stars just below the last star in a trapezoidal arrangement. Further, I could also see some faint grey coloured cloud like feature surrounding these 4 stars.

I changed over to 15mm eyepiece and the 4 stars and the grey coloured cloud like feature was even more apparent and I was so happy to see them. At this point, I was under the impression that its Orion nebulae that I'm viewing. However, after referring to the Star Walk App, I may have been possibly looking at the Flame Nebula (NGC 2024) in the constellation Orion as this NGC 2024 seems adjacent to the last star in the line, unlike the Orion nebulae which is slight right (when viewed from the telescope) to the set of these 3 stars.
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