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Unfortunately, I live down south and the only thing that I can focus in the daytime apart form the sky is my backyard fence. My street is down the valley

I think my best bet for aligning would to aim at the moon tonight as the clouds have cleared up.

Meanwhile, I am looking at getting a laser collimator from Bintel.

Any idea about these?


Originally Posted by JeniSkunk View Post
Depak, your user info indicates you're Canberra.
Can you see either the Telstra Tower, or the Parliament House flagpole from your place? If so, when the sun is behind you when you're looking at the top of either object, align the finder on the top of either object.

Here in Brisbane, I don't have such a line of sight to Mt Coot-tha and the television station studio masts. So I have to use the floodlight towers at the local rugby league fields, 500m east of my place, as my target for aligning the red dot finder on my 5" Dobsonian. Do you have any similar sports fields at least 500m distant and visible from your place?
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