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Sensor size

The cameras I have looked at all have a larger TEC unit and the cold finger reduces in size to fit the sensor or through the PCB. The lump of copper I have for this project is about 35 mm diameter so we can use a sensor that will cover that. As well it would be no drama to add a larger flange to the cold finger to fit a larger TEC, I would only have to find a piece of copper plate, a bit of old bus bar or similar would do the trick and we could have full coverage for a wide range of TECs.
Does anyone know how much power the sensor outputs?
Need to look at the TEC specs because TECs only achieve their rated deltaT when they are operating at maximum efficiency which is not actually moving any heat. Two stage TECs are notoriously inefficient.
An "over size" TEC will operate at better efficiency and give a faster cool down time.
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