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Hi Luka

The IC package, sensor glass & glue, totally unaffected by the DMSO. Even the copper wire I used as shorting wire between the pins...everything unaffected except the glue.

I have no idea what's in DMSO apart from what GOOGLE tells me. Suffice to say...the sensor fell off the carrier in ~3.5 days!

I agitated the sensor from time to time to pick off softened glue and also rotated the sensor in the solution face up/down. I put a saucer over the container to contain the solution. Quite a bit of solution evaporated and was on this saucer after 3 days.

Dew mitigation...hard to tell. One side we are cooling the other side heating....poor old sensor will be split for choice! We will probably have to do something like resistor dew control.
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