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On Faddys post 1541 you can see the PCB, side 2 he has a +5V DPack fixed regulator on the bottom of the board (not in any schematic). I think the sub-board shown in post 1556 shows 2 wires down the bottom the the board.

Urrrrrgggh....Just noticed my 7806A voltage regulator package has pins backwards compared to what it should on PCB...grrrr. I have to fix this.

Referring to the PCB image these bottom leads are +12V and ground. +12V feeds Vin DD10, the 6V regulator we can see this on the PCB image, yet the schematic (dated 14.06.2016) shows 15V2 going to DD10 as Vin. So Faddy decided to simplify and feed it with +12V.

Also noted on the schematic that the PCB is feed with +6V externally which is dropped by a diode to Vusb (+5Vusb). This is not on Faddys PCB. Still have no reference to value of DR4 on his PCB as well. There is a bit of lack of info.

I think it best I draw the schematic as given then I can make changes to suit Faddys PCB. This'll muck me around a bit but its might be a useful exercise in understanding the changes.

Of course the easy way is just use his gerbers...but...that would be too easy.


Ahhh just found a newer schematic in post 1446, by grim. I did note is has the same date as the other one that showed external +6V. This schematic looks better, shows the +5V regulator (DD15) and +12V route to DD10. All good then I'll use this. Sanity at last.
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