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That's right USB problems are unheard of and you should write 100 times on a blackboard I will not overload my crappy USB.

Glad you sorted that. I also find I have a startup procedure that minimises problems with corrections. I always turn my computer on and let it fully boot up before I turn on my astro gear. The other way round sometimes stops gear from being recognised for reasons best known to Microsoft engineers.

Very exciting Glen. Good on you for overcoming what is likely to be the only real obstacle - getting the thing connected. That is often the first and most difficult step with new gear in my experience.

What would be good when you get the chance is a traditional image with 10 min 1x1 subs and unity gain and high gain and shorter subs of the same object. Something like the Trifid would be good as we are all familiar with what that should look like

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