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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Had my first try at imaging with the ASI1600 tonight, and had some issues. Nothing really with camera itself but the support infrastructure and software. At first i thought i might have a dead camera but it turned out you can't run the camera through a usb3 powered hub! I was tearing my hair out trying all the different apps and even pointed it at the moon, but nothing - until i plugged the camera usb3 cable directly into my laptop. I recall that Jon R on CN reported issues with USB3 cables. I have a nice Mbeat combined usb2 and usb3 powered hub, which has been serving me well in the dslr world for years. It will not pass through the camera traffic however. Since i only have one usb3 hub on my laptop, if i plug the camera in directly then i can't plug in the guide camera and the filter wheel - both usb2 but they were working off the mbeat usb3 hub, which the camera doesn't like. On top of this, i can't get my ZWO ASI130mm guide camera to work at the same time as the ASI1600, in SGPro, which ever one starts first takes the ASI driver as its own. I am going to have to ask Sam at ZWO about that - unacceptable. Focusing and framing! Why does that have to be so hard? Love the simplicity of dslr focusing in Liveview, or BYEOS. SGPro runs a series of short subs to help focus but the lag is annoying, Sharpcap is better because you can do it in video mode. So more work to do in the next few days. Anyone have any ideas about usb3 management?
Ray better think about how your going to handle the usb3 issue.
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