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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Some bad news for those of us waiting here in Australia for the ASI1600 camera. I just had an email from Sam at ZWO in reply to my question to him in the ASI1600 Q&As on their website, concerning emerging supply chain issues and information provided by Bintel to me regarding the pre-order shipment. Here is Sam's email in total:

"We arranged the Bintel's shippment on Tuesday, we planned to send it on Thursday, but we didn't send all of the new cameras they ordered, because we don't have enough stock, we are lack of PCB board ,whcih needs long time to produce,and that's also why shippment delayed. It's just supply problem.
We olny sent a few 1600 cameras to our customers who ordered directly from us.
More new cameras will be available at the end of this month or the start of next month."

So it appears that Bintel will be not be getting all their expected pre-ordered ASI1600s in this next pending shipment. And that direct orders are also having to wait. Lack of PCBs is a fairly serious impediment to supply at this launch point, and it's obvious that ZWO may have under estimated the demand they would have to fill.

Hopefully Bintel communicates with the pre-order list and lets them know who is getting cameras this month. I have sent Sam's email on to Bintel.
I expect that pre-order pricing must be honoured by all concerned until all have been supplied.
Obviously I am disappointed at having to wait, assuming I won't get one in this next shipment, but it provides more time for the CN beta testers to tease us.
ok to be very clear with this from past experience BINTEL will only honour the special price if you have paid in full - as i said just my previous experience
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