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Anyone interested in Angelgilding to silver their mirrors?

I'm looking to try and get some angelgilding as the coatings on my 16" and 8" need redoing. Preferably before the Mars opposition next month.

Price is a bit prohibitive for just one batch. Quote is USD $150 (possibly plus sales tax) for the 2-part solution, sensitiser and the wetting agent, plus USD$220 or so for the import permit and shipping. There is also customs duty on top (don't really know this, but estimate around 20% or so). All up, its around USD440-470 (A$650-700).

The import permit is not per order, but per shipment so there are economies of scale to leverage.

It starts becoming a more viable prospect if 3-4 'kits' are purchased, which makes it around A$370-$400 each.

If anyone is interested, and will commit to purchasing a kit (at cost! this is a hobby), PM me and I'll bring in a few sets. It would be cash on collection - you can't post locally so only really open to people here in Melbourne who can fetch it once lockdown restrictions have eased.
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