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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I'd be very surprised if Matt Thomas couldn't tell you straight-away whether it'll work or not, or how to tweak, in the Yahoo forum. He's very pro-active, even if you're only using an evaluation version.

Well worth joining just to read up if you're contemplating CCDC....
Thanks for that - I normally go to Yahoo groups first but for some reason I did not think of it thisa time ... it is always good to know support is good.

I have had another run with CCDC - the first was a bust because I calibrated the AO and mount near the target but with DEC not set - CCDC then passed the DEC (-69) to CCDSoft and that made the guiding awful and eventually lost the guide star) the second run looks ok - I did get a few odd status messages though....damn this Sydney weather. Trial periods should include 30 days of clear skies...
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