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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
...infact I can't think of a more precise focuser.
I have no experiential basis to state how this focuser compares to the Atlas, but the Reginato looks to be an interesting contender :
For those contemplating AO, the built in FR makes it look attractive.

What can I say? The power of the "self-guide" is hard to beat
I'll grant you, on board self guide is convenient.
However, I might be so bold as to suggest the following combination will dust its pants:
SXV-AO -> OAG -> Lodestar... then filter wheel.
The caveat to this is finding an anastigmatic OTA with enough back focus to use it.
Also, forget it if you are using a 16803 chip... A 6303 is probably the limit unless you have a wildly diverging light cone.

Probably unresolved double-stars at that left edge
Nope... definitely not double stars....
As I alluded to earlier, the deviation from a circular psf is very small (at the level of quibbling) so essentially meaningless from an aesthetics perspective, but it is definitely visible if you zoom in 400%.

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