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Originally Posted by pmrid View Post
That's what really worries me. I'm afraid I have no patience for things that don't work.
Well, in that case a rotator is a given. The pyxis rotator works and is pretty much a reliable standard, but is irrititatingly noisy and slow to home on power up. It syncs with Sky though so you can plan what guide star you will use in advance. Forget fishing for one live bright enough for AO manually.

You might like to think long and hard about AO, its expensive regardless of brand to do properly, and the occassions you can use it to full effect will be very sparse (very bright guide star).

Its a bit like this, if you want to do an absolute killer pic once a year whatever the cost and trouble and win awards and be a legend, then nothin beats an AO'd pic with a 100 difficult variables all coming together in a magic confluence to make a master piece, if so then go for it.

If you want to bang out pics at a reasonable rate for fun, forget A0.
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