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re computer-camera communication,or lack off

Tried that Peter,thanks.

The issue appears to be with computer-its been hard to get along with!

Software is all properly installed,(after 6 goes,I am getting rather quick at it)

The computer just doe'nt want to acknoledge hardware,I went to control panel,went to device management-and then to cameras etc,went through a huge list of makes,then it had sub menu for models.

Well,blow me down,in the 'make' section-no canon,every other make,and there is lots,but no canon.

I may have to buy a new lap-top.but surely this hic-up doe'nt need such a expensive solution,I can see the camera trying to hook up with computer,but the computer does'nt want to know about it.

Any suggestions,wlecome

thanks Chris
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