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Canon software,camera issues

Hi folks

Today,I had a big tidy up on my computer,a de frag,a system clean,etc

I then poped the new canon drive disk Ver 20.2,it was slightly an updated version of ver 18 that came with 450D 8 months ago.I followed prompts and all the usual stuff.

I never had any issues with the other EOS software etc,Well after all done,and cleaned computer I was feeling mighty good keeping things squeky clean.

I plugged in 50D with IS and MF all turned off,just to do basic checks,and hit a snag-nothing worked computer said hardware issues,then nothing.

Changed cords,changed camera bodies,turned computer off,had a cuppa tea,turned it all back on,same thing! Now the old 450D and its software all worked fine.So I booted out VER 20.2 and re installed Ver 18.all the same problems as above.

Now ,I noted that when I re installed ver 18,and I noticed it on ver 20.2 install,that a message pooped up
that read "insert Maxlam DL Essentials edition disk'' (this is the disc that was already in disc drive,

So what I have I done wrong?( I feel I should'nt have tried to be so technological and put ver 20.2 in,ver 18 would have still worked fine if I had'nt had all these clean ups!)

Hope someone can help,if all else fails,hopefully one of the astro chaps coming to up this weekend can fix it.Never had an issue with drivers before.

Thanks for any help,Chris
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