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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Mate ?! Doug... That's the second time you're pouring petrol on the flame in this thread. First time was with Alex. Peter and Theo are discussing QE and specs of the two cameras. I for one find the info in this thread very interesting coming from both sides. No need to start or steer towards another s**t fight.
Marc, The point made here was that e are not discussing sony sensors, My recollection of the ST8300 and the QHY9 is that they both use Kodak CCD's, nothing to do with the way Sony relate QE to the purchasers.
If you want to accuse me of pouring petrol on a fire why not take a look in the mirror. Twice now you have stuck your nose in to a dscussion with nothing relavent to the question at hand. You openly breach the terms of service with things like "S**T". Another thing for you to bear in mind is you have only made posts in this thread to try and inflame the argument and get a response, you have not made one post RELEVANT to the question asked. You have only jumped to the aid of others who probably don't need or want your assistance. If you have nothing to say about the topic in question, why not keep quiet.

Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Give me a break!

My post was only an observation about the odd way *SONY* give out QE specs....and backed it up with an original Sony data sheet.

Sony's stating relative QE specs makes it difficult to know how well their sensors may perform....they may be fantastic, but the conversion data
to allow a real world comparasion to *any* other sensor is not there.

I very deliberately made no comment about the quality, of lack thereof, of any manufacturer's cameras as I figured it wouldn't go down too well with some..... Cheesh! You can't win....
Peter, the discussion was not about Sony CCD's but making this comparison does nothing to assist the original request for information and does appear to be an attempt, all be it a subtle attempt to show your product up as being superior. All up if Sony only provide this information I can't see why QUI ( QHY guy) and Theo shouldn't use this on their websites after all SBIG only print the information they aquire from Kodak. If Kodak only provided the same information I feel sure you and SBIG would use it on your web sites. Must be dificult for you to know which cap to wear. Dealer or user.

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