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Originally Posted by AlexN View Post
Dave - Good call regarding the Nikon D700... The current Nikon cameras have it all over the canons in my opinion. If I didnt already have a slew of L glass and the 1ds mk3 I'd be looking very closely at the nikons.. For all but the insanely long focal length work, the nikkor lenses are the goods too.. I just found for what I use my camera for, the longer canon L glass that I use is better than the Nikon equivalent..
Just offering a wider opinion ;-) I've heard a few people say that the longer focal lengths (400mm f2.8, 500mm f4, 600mm f4, etc) from Canon are slightly better than the Nikon equivalents optically. And the Canon's are a fair bit cheaper as well, and easier to get (long waits for Nikon units, I've heard of people waiting a few years). I'm in the same boat as you - if it wasn't for 15k worth of gear, I'd have switched to a D3 in a heartbeat.

That said, you can choose sRAW (around 12mp from memory) with the 5D Mark II. I think it works by binning (or something similar). I'm not sure how good the noise compares to the D3's native 12mp FF sensor. I'd like to see some tests on this (I haven't seen any). The 5D Mark II does have HD video, and it's a corker! D700 doesn't have that - for me, it's not an issue, HD video isn't a be all and end all function that I require.

One other thing to consider, and I should have mentioned this in my original post - AF on the 5D Mark II is, imho, sub standard. It's no better than the original 5D unit, and the AF on that was not very good. The D700 has FAR FAR FAR better AF. And the weather sealing is also FAR better too. Canon's done a token weather sealing deal with the 5D Mark II (and all their recent non 1 series released bodies).

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